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Just $80 for a FB Business page, and websites start at $300

I understand small business because I've run my own for 20+ years... as well as being a web designer and web expert.
I'll make sure you feel comfortable
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We guarantee you all of the following:

Super fast site

You need your customers to be able to load your website FAST– no frustratedly hanging around waiting for 15-21 seconds! Your new website will load in just a few seconds. A good website designer should ALWAYS do this for you.


Automatically re-sizes

Your website will automatically resize beautifully to any device, from smartphone to tablet to desktop computer. Smart stuff!  So it’ll always deliver a great user experience. Plus this also helps you remain on Google’s good side.



If not- no worries! We’ll gladly make sure you can make ALL basic changes to your website – included in the price!

Jean is passionate about computers, but she’s not like a geek, no worries. She’s got the expertise, that’s for sure, but she’ll walk you through it all in a friendly easy-to-understand way.


Get found by customers

SEO means “Search Engine Optimisation” – geek jargon simply meaning that we write your website code in a way that Google understands and appreciates. So this helps your site rank nearer the top of the list in those Google searches…  and potential customers will quickly find you!


Eye-catching design

Clever features such as moving backgrounds, pictures that zoom/enlarge as you move your mouse over them — lots of smart eye-catching features can be included. And of course your website will be unique to you!

Our FIXED pricing:

Your potential customers are all there waiting…

From a simple yet useful Facebook (or Neighbourly) business page, to a fully-fledged e-commerce website…

I’ll explain every step so you feel comfortable managing it for yourself from then on. Guaranteed no tech-talk or jargon to stress you out — pain-free support!

Remember: Your satisfaction guaranteed

FaceBook Business page
1-page simple website - LOW FIXED PRICE!
Website 5 PAGES!
Incl Contact Me form
incl ecommerce shop

Contact me for a friendly, FREE, no-strings-attached chat about your needs

“Jean was a god send. As someone who is not tech savvy, we needed someone to help set up a website for our antiques business.
Jean was fantastic in dealing with our instructions and always suggested improvements on our ideas. She schooled me on making changes to the website – something I was dreading. I wholeheartedly agree with Marianne’s comment, she “has the patience of a saint and the talent of a brilliant web designer”. She was a pleasure to deal with.

David Francis, Secolo Antiques and Art

Samples of our work:

For someone who wanted a funky website reflecting her personality, and which was only accessible to invitees

For a small one-man business needing a clean, easy-to-use website that clearly reflects his trade