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5 Stars - Based on 20 User Reviews

Jean has been the most supportive, calm and informative person. She has been there for me through a process that I had minimal knowledge about. I now have a new website, booking service and internet provider with great cost savings. She remains my IT support person with a huge depth of knowledge, suggestions, advice. I could not have done this with out this amazing person.

Sandy StephensNS Education Trust

Jean was a perfect choice for designing our website with her creative ideas and gentle nudging so that we now have a modern, beautiful site to inform our clients and market our product. Unstinting with her time at her very generously low fixed rates, friendly advice and patient coaching. Couldn’t have found a better website designer!

Jean is an absolute wizard at creating fantastic websites. From a casual conversation through to an amazing website Jean made the whole process easy. She is a very friendly person who is easy to talk to and explains things in easy to understand language. I totally recommend Jean to everyone.

nafeez mohammed

Jean helped me build a website and did a fantastic job ! I found her very helpful and highly recommend her services!

Ben WrightVietro Locks

Thanks Jean! Jean has been a life saver from start to finish. Jean found me and let me know she would build me a website as I had no online presence. Without Jean I would never have been able to set a website up. She is clear and polite and an absolute pleasure to work with. 11/10 on the scale. Price, helpfulness and clarity. Thank you Jean

We employed Jean @ I'm online and tasked her with building our company's new website. I found her very helpful, & at such a reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Jean & her services, she listened to our ideas & made us this excellent website that we are very grateful for – check it out here

I found Jean on Neighbourly, and the services she offered were the kick in the backside I needed to get my business website looking and functioning professionally (I had kept putting it off due the exorbitant fees many web developers were charging). Jean worked incredibly hard to achieve what I wanted, and was able to teach me, in a straightforward way, how to manage and add improvements to my website myself. We had a few minor and major crises along the way (due to external circumstances) which Jean took in her stride and did her utmost to resolve, sacrificing many hours of her own time I am sure. She continues to be really available for support and advice - I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Jean was everything we wanted, she had huge knowledge, and imparted it in English rather than tech-speak. She worked to my level of ability, and that made things so much easier. We now have a wonderful website. We also have the confidence that she is there to help us if needed.

Ian HuddlestonWizeOwl101

We found Jean and I'm Online! on Neighbourly. After an initial free consultation, we hired her to create my WizeOwl101 website. She and my wife are closely matched when it comes to wanting to get things right online. Jenny has been learning quickly from Jean's tutelage. Jean has a wealth of information, most of which is over my head, but Jenny catches on or asks questions, which Jean responds to promptly and patiently.

John WalkerJWAuctions

Jean has excellent skills and she put these into action when designing our website. Once done and handed over to us to manage she provided excellent training and encouragement and committed to ongoing support when required. We feel well looked after and we're really proud of our new website, we have already received many compliments from our regular customers. Well done Jean!

Deb ClimoHelped me with my FB business page setup

Would like to recommend this business,Jean was great helping me with FB Business page and other issues.

Jean was a god send. As someone who is not tech savvy, we needed someone to help set up a website for our antiques business. Jean was fantastic in dealing with our instructions and always suggested improvements on our ideas. She schooled me on making changes to the website - something I was dreading. I wholeheartedly agree with Marianne's comment, she "has the patience of a saint and the talent of a brilliant web designer". She was a pleasure to deal with.

Alexa Halsey

Thanks Jean for your wonderful experience, time and patience with assisting me and helping me get up to speed with social media know how! A wealth of knowledge, a great teacher and I would recommend Jean to help with all your tech/marketing needs!

Victoria EggersNelson Merino

Jean helped us with our FaceBook issues. She is easy to deal with, has great communication skills and was very supportive of us and our Business. Thanks Jean

Marianne CastleSculptor/Author

You're amazing. Thank you! Jean has the patience of a saint and the talent of a brilliant web designer. Both very important attributes when dealing with someone like me who hates doing techno stuff. Jean, you have been immensely valuable in helping me to move ahead in my business and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Derek ForsythGetSharp

So helpful and understanding!

Wish I had found Jean years ago! She has been so helpful and understanding in providing her skills to a techno-illiterate stray.

Jean, you are an AMAZING website developer.

Thank you so, SO much. I couldn't be happier with this.
It looks modern, it's easy to use and read, I feel great about it - and I'm not gritting my teeth with frustration any more!

We were lucky to find Jean!

We were lucky indeed when we made Jean's acquaintance as we were looking for somebody to upskill us in all things computer, but especially to take control of our very rudimentary web site. She has easily exceeded all our expectations in this regard.
Obviously smart, but importantly patient with such as us who are technologically challenged, Jean proved organised, tenacious, and creative.
Our site has been positively transformed thanks to Jean's tireless efforts and we have no reservations about recommending her to any prospective employer.

Well beyond my expectations…

Jean has patience and perseverance, qualities essential when creating a website for a beginner to operate!I spent almost four months working with her as I narrowed down what I was wanting to achieve each time we met.  Jean went well beyond what was originally agreed and I am grateful for that.
She designed logo, layout, colours and produced sliders that were compatible to the facebook page as well as the website.
The website and facebook page interacted together so that when I posted on one site it automatically posted to the other... wow!

If you want to learn more than you know now, then Jean is the person for you. I wish her well in her online Website Business!

Best marketing spend EVER!

ThinkShop has a large range of products, and they needed to be marketed. And we found Jean at ImOnline...
Jean came up with our appealing, and most importantly, our clean, fully-functional and RELIABLE e-commerce website.

Thanks, Jean! Highly recommended. We are indeed ONLINE!

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