A few samples of my work:

For a luxury coastal B&B, client wanted a clean,  elegant look reflecting “A luxury standalone coastal B&B in New Zealand. ” With the ability to also take bookings online.

A one-man small business wanting a clean easy-to-use website that reflects his trade.

A chic and unusual private blog only for invited people who’ve been given the secret password!

Had to tie in look & design with the daily cartoons in newspapers, hence the black and white design; be simple yet draw potential customers in immediately.

An ecommerce site for a heavy-machinery company. had to be simple, informative, and easy to navigate.

A taxi company promoting the idea of negotiated fares, willingness to go the extra mile

A classy clothes boutique, clean & elegant, easy to navigate for customers as well as for the owner

An online ecommerce site for a company selling educational resources; needed various subcategories to drop-down in menu, and a “Sign Me Up”  form for newsletter subscribers. Various sections, from “Best Sellers”, to “You recently viewed…”