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Just a few samples of my work to demonstrate my versatility and how I interpret each client's brief individually.

  • Note: Over time these websites may differ from the original sites which were happily approved by the clients, because each client is shown how to easily make their own changes to their websites and – naturally! – some are happily experimenting…

A backpackers’ hostel; the owner wanted a friendly and welcoming look, and the website had to have the ability to book and pay online.

(Not yet online.)

The Bug Backpackers

A busy Auckland region electricial company wanting a bright, professional site showcasing their skills and also making it easy for potential clinets to contact them by phone or via Messenger.

Thunder Sparks Electrical

This popular hand-made shoe manufacturer wanted an online ecommerce store with a friendly yet clean layout. Products had to be able to have several images, as well as clickable colour and size options for customers to choose before paying online.


A specialised tool company. “We want a clean, professional look, and one which clearly shows what we do.”


A one-man small business wanting a clean easy-to-use website that clearly and quickly reflects his trade of tool-sharpening.


A chic and unusual private blog wanted ONLY for invited people who’ve been given the secret password!

Link HIDDEN at client’s request

The client wanted a strong statement illustrating his company’s work with heavy machinery – all renovation, building and landscaping work.


An art and antiques business, the owners asked for an elegant, understated look. They wanted an ecommerce website, with easy stock-management needed.They specifically wanted the text to be this colour.


This website had to tie in, both as regards look & design, with the daily cartoons in newspapers, hence the black and white design; and it had to be simple yet draw potential customers in immediately. It’s another ecommerce site.

This client wanted a website that clearly illustrates his consultancy work with regenerative farming, soil conditions etc.

Wanted the ability for people to message him immediately.


A classy clothes boutique, clean & elegant, easy to navigate for customers as well as for the owner. Meant to be an ecommerce site, unfortunately the company closed due to covid.

An online ecommerce site for a company selling educational resources; needed various subcategories to drop-down in menu, and a “Sign Me Up”  form for newsletter subscribers. Various sections, from “Best Sellers”, to “You recently viewed…”

THINKSHOP brilliant thinking skills resources

A new company offering hydroseeding, the client wanted something eye-catching yet informative.  And the client wants to make their own changes frequently.

This client wanted a website for a luxury standalone AirBnB, clearly showing both its romantic aspects as well as the luxury and seclusion. Had to have the ability to both book and pay online.

Now closed as B&B.

A painter, Sue wanted a friendly site with a fresh look, that would clearly show her range of styles and subjects. She also wanted a catalogue with images in specific clickable categories. Done!