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Meet Me

Meet Jean

Jean Edwards

I’m Jean, your friendly, New-Zealand-based web designer.

I help people who don’t have loads of website experience, to build great websites to bring them more customers online.

Don’t worry, I don’t speak gobbledegook jargon, and I make the whole process easy and fun. I’m here every step of the way, available in NZ business hours to help you get your business online. 

With over 20 years running a small business as well as bringing up three children (and being a highly-respected teacher of gifted students as well as a consultant on giftedness and thinking skills for quite a few of those years) — I have lots of patience, a desire to share knowledge and skills in a friendly manner, and a smart business head.

And I’ve been working with computers since the first Apple Mac arrived in Nelson, New Zealand, over 20 years ago. Computers are one of my passions, because they involve a lot of problem-solving as well as a good dollop of creativity.

Let’s see if my skills will work for you!

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